Most Business Owners Struggle to Make Their Business Work -- Uncover 3 Critical Concepts To Help You Make and Keep More Money!

If you become passionate about the financial aspects of your business, you will always have a business to be passionate about!

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Destination, Greatness: A Business
Owner's Financial Success System

Are you working harder than ever and you STILL have no real profit to show for all your work
at the end of the day?

Tired of working ‘in’ your business with nothing to show for it at the end of the month? As a business owner you hear this ALL THE TIME – stop working IN your business and work ON your business.

Great advice if you know WHAT TO WORK ON!

NOW YOU WILL! Through my Destination, Greatness online program, you will build the financial foundation you need to grow your business. And you'll enjoy every minute of it!


If WISHING for clients, revenue, and profits has been your business strategy, you might want to pay attention. If you’ve been running an expensive HOBBY for several years, it’s time to get serious or go home!

I’m about to dismantle every negative idea you’ve had about understanding the financial side of your business.

You’re about to see for yourself how, with working 20 minutes a week, you can take charge
of your business and start driving real profits to your bottom line.

This is Business 101 – everything you didn’t learn when you started your business.


Everything you need to grow your business.

You’ll start to love every minute you spend
on the financial side of your business.

Because for the FIRST TIME EVER, you will be in control of your profitability. You will no longer have to wish for revenue, struggle to stay on top of critical problems, hope you can see something on your bottom line at the end of each month.

If you ROLL YOUR EYES everytime someone mentions “profit and loss statements”,
your business is in desperate need of a financial makeover!

People who have invested in my Business Owner’s Financial Success System are for the
first time EVER working ON the aspects of their business that help them turn a profit.



From the desk of Laurie Taylor
Tuesday, 4:00 p.m.


“But I hate numbers!”

So did I! When I got fired from my job and a career I had loved for 14 years, I joined a friend and we started figuring out how to put food on the table. Neither one of us had run a business before. We had no business training. No management training. No financial training.

Were we unique? No! Entrepreneurs are usually anything BUT trained in the business of building a business. They have an idea (think Bill Gates), they exploit an opportunity (the Internet boom) and they succeed despite themselves!

As we did. We grew that company from 2 people to over 100 people, up to $12 million in sales. It is that attitude of “I can do anything I put my mind to” that lives on in this great country of ours. It’s the risk-taking entrepreneur that has always driven this economy because we seldom let anything get in our way of reaching our goal – of seeing our vision become reality.

In my case – not only did we NOT have any business training, we had no vision, no business plan and no outside funding.

Let me be VERY CLEAR …
  • If we had focused on the financial side of our business early on — That $12 million business would have been a $50 million business.
  • If we had focused on the financial side of our business early on — That $12 million business would have weathered the dotcom blow up of March 2000 much better.
  • If we had focused on the financial side of our business early on — That $12 million business would not have had to impact 30 lives when we had to lay off 30% of our staff.
  • If we had focused on the financial aspects of our business early on — That $12 million business would not have entered 2001 on the brink of bankruptcy.

If you are passionate about the financial aspects
of your business, you will always have a
business to be passionate about.

I’m hoping that bit of wisdom will capture your attention.
Or this daunting statistic …….

90% of businesses fail
due to faulty management – more specifically,
POOR FINANCIAL management.


Can you relate to any of these issues?

  • Do you want a business that you control or a business that controls you?
  • Are you satisfied with the amount of money you are driving into your business every month?
  • Are you driving good revenue but have nothing to show for it?
  • Do you question whether your price point is making you money?
  • Do you continually ‘chase those shiny white objects’ hoping to find the ‘silver bullet’ for your business?
  • Are you scrambling every month to stay on top of your marketing efforts?
  • Do you know if your marketing efforts are returning anything for the investment?


Listen, there is nothing harder than growing
a successful business. (except raising a family!)

And just doing more marketing, landing more sales,
hiring more people IS NOT THE ANSWER!

What is the reality of running a successful business? Believe me when I say this. I’ve made all the mistakes you can make including:

  • Thinking if we just put in more hours each day, more days each week – our business would grow.
  • Thinking that if we just spent more money, hired the right people, bought the next gadget – our business would grow.
  • Thinking that I could take my eyes off the ball (our business) for even a minute and would be okay because things were going well.


The cliché that says:
You have to work smarter. Not harder. Is true.

But the problem is ……

No one is telling you that in order to work smarter, your business
has to have a foundation on which to grow!

They are just telling you how to sell more, be more effective with your marketing – and buy the ‘latest, greatest marketing/sales program’ that will solve all your problems.


Yes, all businesses need good marketing and good sales skills to stay in business...


Whether you are running an Internet-based business or
an offline business, the concepts are the same!


You have to know how to
Make and Keep Money!

And that means setting in place a foundation
for growth that you can build upon.

Laurie Taylor is a REAL WORLD business guru with a heart of gold and a human touch.

“Attention all right-brain creative’s out there… Do you love your work but abhor the details of making your work work? As a Motivational Comedian and Author I love my work but HATE paperwork, details, flow charts, graphs, planning, etc. I hated all those things until Laurie Taylor rocked my world with one simple mantra: “If you don’t get passionate about the financial aspects of your business, you won’t have a business to be passionate about.

I have participated in other business-building systems during my 20 years as a business owner but they just didn’t stick. I think that was because I never felt the human touch behind the numbers.

I think this is where Laurie Taylor shines the brightest. She is a REAL WORLD business guru with a heart of gold and a human touch. She made the left-brain world of numbers and planning distillable for the first time to a right-brain thinker like myself.

Do I love all the left brain stuff now? NO! I’d still rather be out entertaining my audiences but at least now I understand how to make more informed and insightful decisions based upon the hard numbers of my business.

With Laurie’s wisdom as my daily guidepost I continue to drive (and more importantly… aim) my business towards my ultimate goal… destination, greatness!”

- Karyn Ruth White
Laugh & Learn Productions, Inc.
Denver, Colorado
info @


Come on, aren’t you tired of:

  • Working harder than ever with nothing to show for it at the end of the day?
  • Struggling to stay afloat and wonder if you’ll be around next year?
  • Being embarrassed when you talk to other business owners who tell you they are doing well?
  • Ramping up your marketing and sales and still having nothing to show for it at the end of the month?
  • Not knowing how much money you will drive into your business each month so you never know if anything is working?
  • Struggling to make good decisions, shooting from the hip and having buyer’s remorse over spending hard-earned cash?
  • Using the excuse “I’m not a business person” to justify why you aren’t making any money?
  • Shutting down when someone talks about cash flow, budgeting and profit and loss statements?


Business owners are struggling!

I spent two years talking to business owners all over the country. Business owners just like you who are passionate about what they sell. Committed to great customer service. Business owners that have been successfully running their company for 3 years or 20+ years.

But when I asked these three questions:

  1. How much cash do you have in the bank right now?
  2. How much revenue did you generate over the last two months?
  3. What is your revenue goal for this year?

These successful and passionate and committed business owners DIDN’T KNOW!


I get their attention every time because I can show them,
through some very simple processes that they can implement
and then manage — taking only 20 minutes a week.

  • How to uncover profits you didn’t know you had
  • How to turn your sleeping assets into cash producing money funnels
  • How to find cash that’s been slipping between the cracks in your business
  • How to increase the amount of money you make
  • How to increase the amount of money you keep
  • How to track the ONE number that will change your business forever
  • How to improve your decision-making ability to keep more money
  • How to identify activities that are killing your business


Every business owner needs a great coach who is worth more than she charges.

“Destination, Greatness has provided me with some key tools and disciplines that I have known I needed, but until now failed to apply consistently or in some cases at all to my business.

Laurie is an outstanding teacher based on her own real life experience in the trenches of small business, and her material is very well organized and highly practical. Paying closer attention to the financial side of my business and tracking several key indicators through my own customized, simple yet highly revealing dashboard has already helped me improve my net profits.

The program has truly helped given me a clear path to follow, which is a critical thing when it is so easy to get overwhelmed or distracted in running and growing a business.

I also appreciated her transparency, sharing her own process in her previous and current businesses. Unlike so many coaches and gurus out there, she is one of the every few who is extremely grounded in reality and has zero b.s. Her accessibility throughout the program has been invaluable to me with a variety of specific questions I had, and I have appreciated her relentless support (though never sugarcoated, thank goodness).

I think almost every business owner needs a great coach. I finally found one who was worth far more than she charges, for this program, or I’m sure any of her other programs and consulting.”

- Anne Alexander
Authentic Alternatives
Brevard, North Carolina


I’ve designed a program that will forever take the fear out of financials for any one running a business.

I’ve even been told, “I make financials fun!”

Why? Because I speak plain english. Because I show you how to create a plan.
I show you the fundamentals of building a business.


If you get the chance to spend time with Laurie, take it! You won't regret the time or money!

“Too many people make planning difficult. They tend to overwhelm you with details. Laurie’s approach to profit planning, cash flow management and critical indicators is straightforward, no-nonsense and easy to implement.

If you get a chance to spend time with Laurie, take it! You won’t regret the time or the money!”

- Katrina Mitchell
SPEAK! Franchise Speakers That Deliver


If you take my Destination, Greatness program, and follow the logic
and the processes I outline, you will …..

  1. Increase your revenues
  2. Increase your profits
  3. Increase your customer retention


And that’s what building a business is all about.
Three simple, straightforward concepts that get lost
in the day-to-day activity called ‘running a business’.


I actually look forward to the financial side of my business.

“I think you and the systems you outline in Destination Greatness are so beneficial for businesses of all sizes.

I have grown personally and professionally from the Destination, Greatness program.

What changed the most for me was how you encouraged me to think about my business.

After 15 years in business you finally got me to see the necessity of managing my business plus working my business…as two distinctly different and important focuses.

And I know this will surprise you…I actually look forward to working on the financial side of my business. Yes, me!

Finally, based on the concepts in Destination, Greatness, I reduced my over-extended focus to only 3 primary big-picture goals each year.

Thanks Laurie for the impact you have had on me and my business.”

- Terri Norvell
Further Performance Group
Westminster, Colorado
terri @


Would you build a house from the roof down?

Of course not!

So why would you ignore building a foundation on which to grow your business?
The goal of any business is to make a profit.
And in order to make a profit, all businesses need a plan.
That’s ALL businesses. Meaning, yours is NO EXCEPTION!


I know your clients are unique.
Your situation is unique. Your business is unique.

Those factors have everything to do with ….

...Defining your target audience

.....Creating a marketing plan for that targeted audience

.......Knowing what differentiates you from your competitors


But to succeed all business owners have to...

...Create a plan to be profitable

.....Know how to manage their cash

.......Track critical indicators to map your success

........Because the common denominator is IT’S A BUSINESS!


I thought my business was successful but now realize what I had was a very successful hobby.

“I want to thank you for what you and your program have done for me and my business. Prior to attending the Destination Greatness program, I thought my business was successful. After all, I have been in business for over 30 years.

I now realize that what I had was a very successful hobby that supported me and my ability to continue functioning from month to month.

Now that your program has awakened me to the essence of “a real business,” how to follow the money, and to make important financial decisions, I have seen significant increases in cash flow, repeat business, and general satisfaction with what I am doing in my business.

I cannot thank you enough for the quality of your “Destination, Greatness” program and your willingness to continue to keep in touch with me with reminders of how to apply what I have learned.”

Tom Dearth
Customer Speak for the Technical Geek
Lakewood, Colorado
tom @


Typically, planning takes a back seat to the activity of the business. That activity includes marketing, sales, customer relations, vendor relations, technology issues ….. you know that the list is never ending.

You get up in the morning, hit your desk and it’s off to the races!


Making money does not just happen.


By helping business owners Plan to Be Profitable,
I provide all the tools you need to:

  • Create a profit plan so you know what your revenue and expense projections are for the next 12 months
  • Manage cash on a daily basis because you have to have money to make money
  • Track and measure key indicators so you know when you are being successful
  • Make a plan and implement it and go from reactive to proactive
  • Focus you on the right things at the right time to start putting money on your bottom line
  • Stop ‘scattered thinking’ and create processes that can be replicated to save you time


The bottom line is this.

Most business owners are simply running as fast
as they can to drive sales into their business
with NO understanding of how to manage
and grow their business.


I am now constantly maintaining an intense focus on where I want my company to be.

“Laurie’s Destination, Greatness Program has inspired me to create a bolder vision for my business. When I started the program I was looking for something that would help me see how I could use data collection and tracking my finances to help me take my solo-preneur job into a growing and profitable business.

I am now constantly thinking about following the money, tracking leads, and I am maintaining an intense focus on where I want my company to be in 12-18 months. Laurie doesn’t simply give you a formula, she makes you think, while guiding you every step of the way.

Her confidence is inspiring, her enthusiasm is motivating, and her knowledge can take you from good to great!”

- Nicole Irlbeck
Restoration Fitness, LLC
Louisville, Colorado
nicole @


Did I mention I’ve NEVER seen a course
like this one before?

I’ve seen courses on marketing, sales, list building, online marketing,
starting a business, leadership training, management development …
the list goes on.

I’ve NEVER seen a course that offers you the financial step-by-step approach
YOU need to grow and manage a sustainable business.


Basically, I’m offering you a BBA – A Business Building Approach that will NEVER fail you.

Because once you start implementing the concepts I’ll teach you,
there’s no turning back! You will become a numbers ninja!


I am now building effective profit-making systems with my business.

“I have owned “brick and mortar” businesses, and I have owned internet-based businesses. I have heard all of the old adages about effective business and I have read many, many books on leadership, management, teamwork, business planning and sales & marketing and being an effective entrepreneur.

Despite all of that, the Destination, Greatness program has been eye opening, and has invigorated the way I approach building profit within my current businesses. This is truly where the “rubber meets the road” on effectiveness and Laurie Taylor really knows how to teach it.

One of the features of the program that I value the most is the “Path to Greatness Map” which I have used to chart out the next year of my profit-building strategies. I have a large copy hanging in my office, and a smaller version in my planner that I review every day.

Thanks to Laurie Taylor and the Destination, Greatness program I am more conscious and laser focused about how I follow the cash flow and key indicators of my businesses. I am now building effective profit making systems within my businesses that were never in place before. Thank you Laurie!”

- John Marx
The Law Enforcement Survival Institute
Westminster, Colorado


You are who I had in mind
when I created Destination, Greatness:

Solopreneurs: small business owners who don’t have full time or part time employees, who are good specialists but struggle understanding how to set up systems and procedures that will help them make and keep more money

Business owners with up to 20 employees: small business owners who ramped up quickly, added employees and systems but have reached a plateau in their ability to take their company further

At the end of this program, you will:

  1. Know exactly how to start PLANNING to be profitable and STOP wishing for success!
  2. Uncover the areas in your business where you make the MOST money and stop wasting time with products or services that are draining your bank account.
  3. Understand how to set up SYSTEMS to grow a business and reduce the chaos of chasing revenue that never turns into profits.
  4. Become much more CONFIDENT in your ability to act like the CEO of your business and know what you need to do to make and keep more money.


One of the most lasting and significant changes to my business in seven years.

“Destination Greatness has been the single most empowering program I have taken in my 7 years as a small business owner. I love growing and taking educational programs and this is, hands down, the one that has made the most lasting and significant change to my business.

Thank you Laurie for creating such a rich program for those of us who never enjoyed diving into the numbers!”

Love Poem No. 1:

roses are red, violets are blue
I never knew how exciting numbers could be
until I met you

- Liz Byrne
Alchemy of Order, LLC
Boulder, Colorado
Liz @


What better way to make a plan to be profitable than with a
FINANCIAL SUCCESS SYSTEM that is ready to rock & roll!

Stop WISHING for profits and start PLANNING to be profitable!


Here’s what you get for your investment:

  • 12 hours+ of proven business-building concepts
  • Your own Business Calibration Quiz — determine your areas of strength and areas of improvement and focus on the right areas
  • Email reminders that keep you focused on making and keeping money
  • A monthly live Q&A session where I answer your questions, that’s personal consulting time designed to answer ALL your questions
  • Your own Path to Greatness Map – a visual planning tool for your steps to greatness you can hang on your wall and refer to throughout the program
  • 5 business-proven templates ready to download and use right away
  • Come back as often as you like – focus on the areas that make sense for your business and where it is today – you’ll have full access to all the programs as long as you need
  • 12 Study Guides - you’ll have a Study Guide for each module to help you retain critical concepts and stay on top of your implementation plan


Is my Destination, Greatness program for you?

It is IF:

  • You are a business owner who has been in business for several years and you continually struggle to improve revenues and profits.
  • You are a business owner who has decided you are tired of running your business like a hobby and want to start making serious money.
  • You are a business owner who isn’t good at managing your business — you are good at running your business.
  • You are a solo-preneur who doesn’t know the next steps you need to take to grow and improve your business.



The single biggest issue that STOPS entrepreneurs in their tracks is a lack of FOCUS. So right out of the blocks, you’ll zero in with laser-like focus on where you need to spend time for the greatest return. These are the basics too many of us missed – you’ll immediately see the power of taking the time to really THINK about your business.

Module One:

The Biz Calibration Assessment (my BIZ QUIZ) identifies the 4 critical aspects of running a business and provides you immediate feedback on where you excel and where you don’t. You’ll download this PDF and find yourself coming back to it time and time again as you dissect the QUESTIONS that will lead you to improving your business performance.

  • Uncover aspects of your business you haven’t thought about, hidden agents that are creating obstacles to your company’s growth
  • Identify ‘head trash’ — issues sabotaging your confidence

Module Two:

The Business of Building a Business survey let’s you continue on your quest to ask the tough questions, you’ll answer 10 business-building questions – and you may not like some of your answers!

  • Create plans you can implement, that will improve your profitability over the next 30, 60, 90 days
  • Identify 6 financial killers and learn how to avoid them

Module Three:

Creating Your Vision
  • Turn your vision into a reality
  • Use my step-by-step process to ensure you know exactly what to focus on and why


It sounds so EASY! Come up with an idea, turn the idea into a product or a service, find people who want to buy that product or service and Ta Da you have a business!

Unless you have a business background, took some business classes, had a mentor to help you – more than likely the concept of Planning to be Profitable took a back seat. Marketing? Sales? Sure! Too many business owners have gone under driving a whole lot of revenue into their business. The secret to a successful business is the Plan.

Module Four:

Building Your Own Profit Plan — Expenses
  • Throw out your Profit & Loss statement – find out why
  • Clarify what it’s costing you to run your business

Module Five:

Revenue Groups
  • Learn why this one exercise of identifying your revenue groups can plug your profit leaks
  • Stop chasing after product or service losers

Module Six:

Building Your Own Profit Plan — Revenue Projections
  • Learn 3 simple ways to project revenues
  • Stop the excuses and start turning your business into a profit-generating machine

Module Seven:

Understanding Cost of Goods
  • Uncover 3 critical steps you must know to price your products or services so you never lose money again
  • Learn the biggest threat to losing money and never make this mistake again


What the successful business owner knows is this: if you can track it, you can measure it, and if you can measure it you can improve it. This doesn’t have to be complicated. Start slow with measuring progress — but start! The sooner you listen to what your business is telling you, the sooner you’ll start adding profits to your bottom line.

Module Eight:

Cash Flow Management
  • Learn the 5 steps to grow, protect and save your cash – even if you don’t have any cash today
  • Uncover 7 ways to ignite cash flow that you can start doing tomorrow

Module Nine:

Selecting Key Indicators
  • Identify your 3 key indicators and improve your results by 15 – 30% in 90 days
  • Learn my system for generating and tracking leads – the lifeblood of any business

Module Ten:

Identify Your Customer Connections
  • Learn how to turn each customer connection into profit for your business
  • Uncover 7 critical questions to improve your relationship with every customer


20 minutes a week – that’s it! Once you have these critical financial tools in place, you will be able to follow my ’20 minute a week’ plan to stay on top of your business. I’m not looking to turn anyone into an accountant! I’m looking to turn you into a savvy and profit-focused business. Program Four brings all the tools together. And I show you how to drill down into your Areas of Focus and create action plans that move you forward.

Module Eleven:

Application of Critical Tools
  • Walk away with a 6-step-system that takes you from planning to implementing
  • Learn the difference between profit-building and profit-depleting activities and why you need both

Module Twelve:

Creating Critical Initiatives
  • You’ll learn exactly how to set up initiatives from your areas of focus that put you on the path of solving your biggest problem
  • Increase your ‘success planning ratio’ (remember all those plans that never saw the light of day?) by creating behaviors centered around a proven system



If you want to:

1. Increase your revenues

2. Increase your profits

3. Increase your customer retention

Then stop TRYING to make and money and start PLANNING to make money!


Laurie Taylor has been the rock solid foundational piece we had been looking for.

“Destination, Greatness under the expertise and guidance of Laurie Taylor has been the rock solid foundational piece we had been looking for to incorporate into our Acceleration Coaching Program. The results for our members, identifying their areas of focus, creating action plans, becoming clearer on their goals, learning how to manage cash flow and creating their own profit plans has helped them be proactive in creating long term profitability and sustainability in their businesses.”

- Cheri Ruskus
Business Victories and Founder of Victory Circles
Boulder, Colorado


Your Destination, Greatness Training includes…

  1. The Business Calibration Assessment - which helps you in minutes uncover the areas of strength and the areas of weakness in your business.

  3. The Path to Greatness Map – your own VISUAL training aid you can hang on your wall or keep in a notebook as a constant reminder of where you are focusing your business.

  5. 12 hours of business-building concepts – what no one has ever taught you about how to build and run a profitable business. Each program will provide you tools you’ll use every day as you learn the secrets of building a sustainable business.
  6. 12 Study Guides to help you follow along with each of the 12 modules – use these Study Guides to keep notes and to identify what specific issues you are going to work on every week!

  8. 5 Business-Proven Templates – Profit Plan Excel Spreadsheet, Cash Flow Template, Lead Generation and Tracking Template, Identifying Your Target Audience Template, The Art of Delegating Template
  9. MP3 Download – can’t sit at your computer to listen to the next program? No worries! Download your own MP3 file and listen at your convenience.
  10. The Clarity Call - Once a month you are Live with Laurie. Just to make sure you have NO questions that go unanswered, you get a direct line. You can ask question live or turn them in ahead of time and listen to the recording later.


PLUS! You Get These Bonuses.


Bonus #1

The Secrets to Hiring and Managing a Great Bookkeeper: A Comprehensive Guide for the Small Business Owner

In this 32-page Special Report, learn why you need a good bookkeeper, how to find a good bookkeeper, how much you will pay for a good bookkeeper, how to manage a good bookkeeper and pick up a sample job description. You’ll also learn how to avoid issues before they occur, securing a long-term relationship that allows you to sleep better at night knowing your financials are in the best shape they can be!


Bonus #2

7 Critical Concepts To Grow a Successful Business:
How to Master the Challenges of Growing Your Business

This Special Report identifies 7 concepts that helps a small business owner stay on top of the critical issues that can derail success. Learn how to calculate the life-time value of a customer, how to turn on the spigot and get cash flowing into your business today and how to identify which products or services can improve your profitability by asking 3 questions each quarter.


Bonus #3

Word of Mouth Marketing: A Small Business Owner’s Guide
on How to Ignite Your Referral Program

In this 27-page Special Report, you’ll walk away with 10 easy-to-implement steps to create an effective and profitable customer referral program. Leads received via referral cost less to convert, are more likely to purchase and more likely to refer you even more business. You’ll learn what the least used tactic is that garners the best results; learn how to set up a simple process to ensure success and learn how to reward the referee and the referral so both become fans for years.


If you are saying to yourself:

“I’ve done all the marketing and I’m very good at sales, I just can’t seem to manage the growth of my business. I keep spinning my wheels. I can’t meet my goals. I’m tired of working so hard with minimum results.”

Then stop wasting money on programs you aren’t using and put your money into a program that is designed to teach you HOW to set up a business to make and keep money!


I’ve done all the work for you!

You simply have to implement the concepts I teach you utilizing the FREE downloadable templates, study guides and bonus reports that you get in Destination Greatness.


This is one of the most comprehensive, understandable and effective business development programs I have ever seen or used.

“Laurie Taylor lives up to her title of Business Growth Specialist. One way she shares her expertise is in the Destination Greatness program. Her approach to profitability and continuing mantra, “Follow the Money,” are not just theoretical concepts but practical tools to apply to your business.

Laurie has taught me to embrace these tools, apply them successfully in my own business and use them with my own clients to help them build their businesses.

From tracking cash flow to creating a detailed plan for your profitability, this is one of the most comprehensive, understandable and effective business development programs I have ever seen or used.”

- Gloria Miele, Ph.D.
Optimal Development Coaching
Camarillo, California
gmiele @


Learning Disclaimer

Remember: To Get What You Never Had,
You Must Do What You’ve Never Done!

You will have to WANT to change. As the CEO of your business, you are the Change Agent. So don’t sit back and think I’ll make your company great. With the Right Attitude and the Right Tools, you’ll make your company GREAT. I’ll just be there to push you along.

I’m giving you ALL the KNOWLEDGE and TOOLS you will need to set up
a foundation to build a successful business. Remember you will get:
  • 12 hours of proven business-building concepts
  • Coaching questions that will keep you focused on implementation
  • 5 ready-made templates that address critical aspects of your business
  • Your own Calibration Biz Quiz — determine your areas of strength and areas of improvement and focus on the right areas today
  • Helpful email reminders as you go through the program
  • Your own Path to Greatness Map – a visual reminder of your steps to greatness you can hang on your wall and refer to throughout the program

There is no way I can know what you will do, or how you work. Just because others make and keep more money with this system does not guarantee you will. I’m saying that boldly and in big print so there is no misunderstanding.


The Bottom Line

You can keep making all the excuses you want about why your business
isn’t where you wanted it to be by now.
You can keep buying all the crap that comes out, spending your money
and storing the goods on your hard drive.


You can have all the good intentions you want
about how “this time will be different” as you chase
the next miracle down a rabbit hole.


You can follow a simple, proven model that shows you how to set up your business to make and keep money


The choice is yours.

Just Say, “OK, I’ll Give It A Shot!”


Until you put this into play, you’ll never know how well
this can work for you. (And if you don’t you’ll always have that nagging thought about where you would have been if you had taken a small step.)


So just say, “Ok.”


Destination, Greatness
comes with a 100% guarantee.

You have a full 60 days
to put your system in position.



Ready to make and keep more money? Ready to turn your expensive hobby into a real business? Ready to stop letting your profits slip through your fingers?
Take action. Do it now. I’ll be there every month. I’ll answer ALL your questions.
I want you to succeed. Take charge of your business today. Walk away knowing…
  • How to create a vision that will drive you toward a plan
  • How to create a plan that produces results
  • How to create a profit plan in order to meet your financial goals
  • How to manage cash to keep you out of debt
  • How to generate revenue and increase profits
  • How to select, track and measure key indicators to know when things are working
  • How to improve your decision-making ability to keep more money
  • How to identify profit-building activities and decrease profit-depleting activities



Destination, Greatness


If you were to take a business course to learn how to 1) understand business financials 2) learn how to manage cash flow 3) identify key indicators and learn how to track them 4) learn how to improve profits, improve revenue and increase customer retention — It seems to me you would be paying out thousands of dollars. Not only would you spend thousands of dollars, but you’d be investing months if not years to learn the critical aspects of running a business.

With Destination, Greatness you are taking weeks instead of months or years to understand the concepts that will help you make and keep more money. And you have someone who is an experienced business owner helping you apply the concepts. The process that you will experience in Destination, Greatness is proven. And the concepts will continue to help you year after year.

If you are on any of the marketing lists you’ve noticed
that the average going rate is between $1000-$5000 for a program like this.


Destination, Greatness should EASILY
be $497 (easy), but it’s not…

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Now for the Small Print!

There’s no way for me or anyone else to guarantee you’ll make money. What I do guarantee is the education and the process. It works for me it may work for you. What I do know is this course is worth much more in practical training and possibilities than most business courses.